Spanish Supermarket Chain Eroski Promotes GGN Labeled Fish

20 November 2020

The in-store and online campaign will focus on aquaculture products from Eroski’s own brand EROSKI Natur that are sourced from GLOBALG.A.P. certified production and carry the GGN label logo. The number of GGN labeled aquaculture products available in Eroski stores has been steadily rising over the years, along with demand.
By promoting the GGN label, Eroski draws attention to its own brand claims and ensures customers are aware of a responsible choice on the shelves. Many consumers are familiar with the climate problems, animal welfare issues, and important questions about social responsibility for workers and food safety faced by the production processes in the food industry. They are therefore making more and more of their purchase decisions based on such factors. Adding the GGN label logo to products from certified farms is one way to make purchase choices easier for consumers in supermarkets.

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