Traceable Salmon from Norway

23 November 2022

Sam’s Club is set to become the first retailer in China to carry products with the GGN label. The eye-catching consumer label exists to offer consumers transparency about the origins of their food and will debut on Atlantic Salmon from Hofseth. Originating from Europe, Atlantic Salmon is essential for a balanced diet.

From Norway to China

Atlantic salmon is becoming increasingly popular in China, as a healthy and responsible source of protein. The Hofseth Norwegian salmon will be the first product to be sold in China with the GGN label. Available at Sam’s Club, the salmon has been reared in the pristine Norwegian waters on fish farms that have been certified to an international standard for safe and responsible farming. This gives Chinese consumers peace of mind that farming practices are done under controlled and verified circumstances. The certification also provides the highest level of assurance that the product is traceable; from packed product to the fish itself, all the way back to the egg.

Benefits of Atlantic Salmon

Atlantic Salmon is known for its health benefits. Besides an excellent source of protein, vitamins, and minerals, the high level of omega-3 fatty acids support brain, heart, and joint health. Atlantic salmon is one of the richest omega-3 sources for the human body and can provide protection against heart and artery disease. 150 grams per week is the recommended amount for optimal nutritional benefits of this oily fish.

Transparency on another level

Food fraud – where suppliers deliberately deceive or mislead their customers regarding the quality or contents of their food products – has been a key issue in global supply chains in recent years. Many of us have concerns about the safety and reliability of the products we buy and the brands we know. The GGN label offers the highest level of assurance that products are fully traceable.

By offering GGN labelled products with such an unprecedented level of transparency, Sam’s Club is offering consumers peace of mind. Kristian Moeller, Managing Director of the company behind the GGN label brand (FoodPLUS GmbH), highlights the importance of taking such action: “I remember when I saw the first GGN label product in stores here in Germany … I was delighted to see the initiative take shape and, as a consumer myself, I knew this would be the beginning of a huge effort to build trust and give everyone more transparency into where their products come from. I am thrilled that consumers in China will soon have the same level of visibility into their products and supply chains.”

Frozen salmon from Hofseth at Sam's Club in China

Frozen salmon from Hofseth at Sam's Club in China

About Hofseth
Hofseth is one of Europe's largest fully integrated seafood companies, located in Norway, the native habitat of the Atlantic salmon. This allows the company to make products from fresh ingredients farmed under optimal conditions. Hofseth focuses on reducing the environmental impact to secure sustainable food production in generations to come.

GGN label initiative

Since 2021, the newly designed, yellow logo has been guiding European and American consumers to the kind of products that align with their values. But aside from just offering safe and responsibly farmed products, the unique numbering system and online portal of the GGN label also makes it possible to access transparent information about where the product comes from. By simply entering the GGN or CoC Number accompanying the label into the portal, you can learn more about the company behind the product.

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